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    + Warnings ( 24 )
    • WCAG2AA.Principle1.Guideline1_4.1_4_3_F24.F24.BGColour 7

      Check that this element has an inherited foreground colour to complement the corresponding inline background colour or image.

    • WCAG2AA.Principle1.Guideline1_4.1_4_3.G18.Abs 7

      This element is absolutely positioned and the background color can not be determined. Ensure the contrast ratio between the text and all covered parts of the background are at least 4.5:1.

    • WCAG2AA.Principle1.Guideline1_3.1_3_1.H49.I 5

      Semantic markup should be used to mark emphasised or special text so that it can be programmatically determined.

    • WCAG2AA.Principle1.Guideline1_3.1_3_1.H48 5

      If this element contains a navigation section, it is recommended that it be marked up as a list.

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    + Notices ( 27 )
    • WCAG2AA.Principle2.Guideline2_4.2_4_2.H25.2 1

      Check that the title element describes the document.

    • WCAG2AA.Principle2.Guideline2_4.2_4_4.H77,H78,H79,H80,H81 19

      Check that the link text combined with programmatically determined link context identifies the purpose of the link.

    • WCAG2AA.Principle2.Guideline2_4.2_4_4.H77,H78,H79,H80,H81,H33 7

      Check that the link text combined with programmatically determined link context, or its title attribute, identifies the purpose of the link.

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